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Thanks for your interest in We Do Wix! We're here to help with whatever you need. Just contact us.




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We usually work remotely. But if you're in the area we would be happy to meet you! (In-person meetings are currently limited due to COVID-19 restrictions.)


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1615 S. Solano Dr. Las Cruces, NM 88001

  • How long have you been working with Wix?
    We've been working on Wix websites for over 5 years!
  • Do you have hidden fees?
    No! We hate hidden fees. Thats why we have a comprehensive quoting process that ensures we have a full picture of what you need and before we even start we make sure both you, the client, and us, the designers are all on the same page!
  • Do you offer consultations?
    Yes! Our consultations start at $50/hr and usually we get on the right track in as little as one hour.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Since our work is service based and not just a product we can have returned, its difficult to offer 100% money back after work has been started and, in some cases, completed. Projects under $850 are fully refundable if the request is made within 48 hours of the payment. Projects over $850 require a deposit which is non-refundable. Consultaitons are not eligable for refunds. For our refund policy for Monthly plans, please visit the Wix Maintenance page.
  • What if I'm not happy with your work?
    If you're unhappy with any of our services, we will be as shocked and upset as you! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarentee. If you're not happy with our work, we will do everything within reason to make it right. (This probably wont be a problem becuase we've never had a client that wasn't 100% happy anyway)
  • Can you maintian my Wix website?
    Yes! Visit our Wix Maintenance page to learn more.
  • Can you do logos?
    Yes! However when we accept logo projects, we put a lot of time and effort into making your logo great. Most logo budgets start at $150+.
  • Why do some of your portfolio websites say "Designed by SWD"?"
    Great question! SWD is our parent company and we've recently been launched to focus soley on Wix website owners!
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